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“Passion for innovative and intelligent plant constructions”

We, the CryoPGE, the Parsan Gas Esfahan Co Engineering Department, are an international engineering and construction division in our company. The focus of our department is the design and realization of industrial plants and EPC infrastructural projects. It is the combination of experience and continuous development that makes sustained innovation possible. CryoPGE is internationally active, building economically viable turnkey industrial plants that correspond to the highest technological and environmental standards.

Everything in CryoPGE Engineering Division, from the planning with modern 3D CAD software through to the after-sales service, comes from its in-house specialists. Our team designs and constructs the complete plant in-house, no matter whether it is for air separation, recovering CO2, liquefying natural gas, or for special gases. Our own process engineers are responsible for development and optimization.

It is a special challenge for CryoPGE when standard plants do not meet the requirements. We develop tailor-made technical process solutions specifically for our customers, even for complex problems. We have a competent Process Department for this task that comes up with innovative ideas to create an optimal plant configuration with the best possible price-performance ratio, even for special cases.

We know the market and its requirements very well.

Used in a wide variety of fields, large air separation units (ASU) produce high purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases through a combination of adsorption purification, cryogenic distillation and internal compression of high pressure products.

A comprehensive portfolio

Depending on customers’ needs, CryoPGE & Construction provide oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases production plants, ranging from units with a capacity of a few hundred tons per day of oxygen to Mega ASU multi-train complexes capable of producing more than 20 000 tons per day of oxygen. The company’s portfolio includes different technical solutions and different prefabrication solutions to address customer’s optimization criteria.


  • Extensive design and construction experience including CryoPGE best in class safety standards, operating teams feedback ensuring high reliability & secured performances
  • Large portfolio offer adapted to a wide range of industries
  • Optimized plants design depending on specific projects economics, geography, products, specifications, energy costs and customer process integration potentials
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