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Our Brand Values

Our Brand Values

Each of us has a different PGE story. Our HR tagline, we have Roots in gases, aims to shape a different narrative for every individual that shares a relationship with us as we work together to achieve a common goal.

Our brand is built on the knowledge, skill and dedication of our people. We incorporate this into everything we do and our core brand values:

  • Commit to a culture of safety, reliability and Zero Harm
  • Provide the services & solutions that makes it easy to do business with us
  • Be the market-leading technical solutions provider
  • Offer a one stop shop approach


Our values

Customer orientation

We are focused on the individual requirements of our customers and help them to improve their competitiveness and their performance.

Employee orientation

We train, develop and promote motivated and efficient employees with integrity. We expect our employees to be resourceful and responsible team players.

Responsible behavior

We take our social responsibilities towards our employees and to society very seriously:

  • Safety: we are committed to the safety of our staff and the safe production, handling and use of our products.
  • Health: we set working standards that ensure sound health and well-being for every individual.
  • Environment: as a member of the wider society, we are committed to protecting the environment.

Corporate responsibility

By responsibly managing our resources and applying the talents of our employees we are increasing the worth of our company in the long term.




Our actions are based on technical expertise, innovation, flexibility and the ability to make quick decisions.

Mutual trust and respect

We believe that cooperation is based on trust, sincerity, transparency and frank communication. We respect and abide by the culture and social customs of the countries in which we work.

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