Argon Co2 Cylinder Valve
95% 5% 50 Lit, 200 Bar 5/8” BSP Female RH
This blend is used for pulsed spray transfer and short-circuiting transfer on a variety of material thicknesses. A 5% mixture may be used for GMAW-P of Low Alloy Steels for out-of-position welding. The arc forces that develop give this mixture more tolerance to mill scale and a more controllable puddle than an argon-oxygen blend.


Argon Co2 Cylinder Valve
90% 10% 50 Lit, 200 Bar 5/8” BSP Female RH
This blend performs similarly to the 5% blend, but with increased heat input providing a wider, more fluid weld puddle in either short-circuit or spray transfer.
Argon Co2 Cylinder Valve
80% 20% 50 Lit, 200 Bar 5/8” BSP Female RH
This blend has been used for a variety of applications on Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels. In the short-circuit mode of transfer, maximum productivity on thin gauge metals can be achieved with this blend. This is done by minimizing the excessive melt-through tendency of higher carbon dioxide mixes, while increasing deposition rates and travel speeds. This blend will support the spray arc mode of transfer.

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