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Custom Calibration Gases
Parsan Specialty Gas & Equipment manufacture a broad range of high quality custom calibration gas standards for use in laboratory, R&D, University and industrial analysis applications.
Custom calibration gas standards are manufactured using state of the art gravimetric and volumetric tools, scales and highly sensitive instrumentation. Visit our typical mixture component page to see the most common materials available for custom specialty gas mixtures. Several cylinder sizes are also available to meet your specific content requirements. See cylinder specifications to look at the most common available cylinders.
Precise manufacturing of calibration gas mixtures involves many critical steps-consideration of chemical raw material purity as well as detailed impurity characterization; calculation of phase behavior for the calibration gas mixture; precise blending; and finally, independent confirming analysis of the final calibration gas mixture.
Before starting, requested specialty gas mixes are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advanced computer modeling. Following this, the specialty gas mixture is precisely blended to exacting specifications on highly sensitive gravimetric scales. All calibration weights are traceable to the Parsan Gas Esfahan Co website. Finally, the specialty gas mixture is analyzed using state-of-the-art analyzers to confirm that the blended and analyzed values agree with each other according to the stated product specifications

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